About us

Laura and Larissa have been friends since age 11 always knowing they wanted to create and succeed together and this is where Moony was born! 

As a business we strive to be our customers go to, for the perfect, versatile dress up and dress down trousers. Our mission was to fill that gap in the market for the perfect pair of linen trousers that are both casual and formal, all while being durable and eco-friendly. 

We want to show people how great linen is and highlight the importance of buying fewer, better quality pieces that will last a long time. With our attention to detail and our love of perfection we could not be prouder to have finally launched after years of research and hard work.

The name Moony was chosen because someone who is moony ‘is walking around in a daze, as if in love’. Which we feel is fitting, as this is how we want our customers to feel about our products. 

We have big plans for Moony with many exciting things happening behind scenes and in the workshops, so keep up to date by following us on all social media platforms. 

Thank you  x 



Laura Hartwright

Founder / CEO

Larissa Bentham

Founder / CEO