Sustainability has always been and always will be a priority for us. We are dedicated to making Moony as sustainable as possible, we do not use single use plastic, do not use any toxic chemicals in our production process and we only use biodegradable, recycled or recyclable products in our packaging to ensure that our carbon footprint is as low as possible. Our Italian made linen trousers are pieces that we think are timeless and are durable enough to be a part of your wardrobe forever, because personally, we do not support bad quality, fast fashion. We hope that you can enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them, knowing that you are supporting a company that supports the environment too. We understand that we are still small and there is a lot that we can still do, but here is what we do for now to ensure that we are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. 


  1. Our mailer bags are fully compostable and will start to decompose after about 9 months, so you can throw it away either in your own compost bin, or in the food bin, knowing that it will leave no traces behind. 
  2. We are working on producing something exciting with the offcuts of linen and satin from the production of the trousers.
  3. We use linen! And produce in Europe! Linen is a far more eco friendly option than cotton or polyester, using far less water and pesticides during production processes and is also more durable to be able to last you much longer than other fabrics. We produce our trousers in Italy, to reduce our carbon footprint and shorten the distance that they have to travel to get to us. You can read our blog about how amazing linen is right here. 
  4. We support small businesses. Our manufacturers are a family run business just outside of Venice, they are dedicated to sustainable production methods and we love that about them. Additionally, all of our reusable tote bags are made by a small company with strict social sustainability methods and are made from ethically sourced materials.


Laura Hartwright

Founder / CEO

Larissa Bentham

Founder / CEO